Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Farming 2.0

In just the past year, we have blogged about urban farming five times.  Obviously, farming has seen a relentless upsurge as both a profession and a pastime.

Cassandra Daily, a trend research firm, has recently discovered how technology is addressing these small scale farmers and helping them do their jobs better.

Sustaination: There are numerous environmental, cultural, and economic benefits to buying local, but the hassle involved can preclude wholesale food buyers from abandoning the mega-farm system. Enter Sustaination, a UK-based social network that connects growers with nearby businesses, in turn encouraging and streamlining local trade.
Farmhopping: Take the crowdfunding capabilities of Kickstarter, add the collaborative spirit of co-ops, and apply the share-model premise popularized by local CSAs, and you’ll end up with Farmhopping, a forthcoming network that lets members buy into Bulgarian farmers’ livestock in exchange for a say in how the animals are handled.

Bucky Box: Software platform Bucky Box is a New Zealand-based “digital operations team” designed to help small farmers simplify the logistical challenge of delivering their produce. Its founders (one of whom was inspired by his work for micro-farm trading network Ooooby) aim to make local, sustainably produced foods more accessible to the public.

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