Wednesday, November 30, 2011

The future of Urban Farming

Entrepreneur Magazine released it's "10 Hot Startup Sectors for New Business Ideas in 2012" yesterday and, according to their research, Urban Farming is one of the hottest sectors in entrepreneurship.  

Of course, since this was one of our trends released in the 2011 Garden Media Group Trend Report and GMG President, Susan McCoy was quoted in the article, we tend to agree!  

Urban farming converts spaces in blighted areas into thriving farms that produce fresh produce for inner city communities. 

According to the Slow Food Movement, farmer's markets and CSA's were up a whopping 60 percent last year.  And with blogs like Apartment Therapy's Re-Nest and Occupy Local being big trends for 2012, it's no wonder Urban farming is on the rise.

"There's a push back against larger companies that make too much money and don't support their community," says Suzi McCoy, founder and president of Garden Media Group, a PR firm representing outdoor-living businesses. "People living in cities are transforming small backyards and public alleys into lush green gardens that are kid-friendly and social meeting places." 

Like minded young gen Y's are joining together to plant specific herbs, exotic spices, small fruits and haute couture veggies that enhance cooking and sharing their edibles with the “tribe.” It's a modern version of the “pot-luck” dinner that allows people to connect over the food they grow and eat, creating a unique bonding experience that in today‟s techno world feeds the soul- as well as the belly. 
Look out for our 2012 Trend Report to drop in the next few weeks to be ahead of the curve.


Greg Draiss said...

Urban farming and indoor farming will continue to make strides as the container, vertical and hydroponic markets continue on a collision course that will leave regular gardening methods in the dust....

Greg Draiss
The Real Dirt on Gardening

Ariel Wilson said...

Urban farming has a definite advantage over conventional farming on small scale. Through urban farming techniques, one could produce a significant yield, using small physical spaces. I acquired this hobby of gardening when I found myself spending too much time on social media and given the disadvantage of social media, I had to opt for a better hobby and gardening is certainly one of the better ways to spend time. If I can move to urban farming, my hobby can make some money!

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