Tuesday, March 13, 2012

New York City Farming... say WHAT?

Annie White of Inside Grower wrote about a new innovative agriculture movement, farms sprouting up on rooftops in NYC!
She explains, "The New York City Department of City Planning (DCP) is currently undertaking a series of green initiatives to promote sustainable communities throughout the city. As part of this effort, DCP is proposing a citywide zoning text amendment to remove zoning impediments to the construction retrofitting of green buildings. More specifically, the proposal would allow for rooftop greenhouses on industrial, commercial and school buildings."

With this new ordinance, NYC will certainly become the leader of rooftop farming in the world.  There are currently three working rooftop farms in NYC:
  • Brooklyn Grange is a one-acre commercial organic rooftop farm in New York with plans to double in size this year. 
  • Gotham Greens sits atop a former bowling alley in Brooklyn and is the first urban rooftop greenhouse in the U.S. 
  • Bell, Book and Candle is New York’s first rooftop-to-table restaurant, growing vegetables and herbs hydroponically for their upscale menu. 
I'd love to visit all of these, especially the restaurant! 
For more information read Inside Grower.
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Robin Horton/Urban Gardens said...

We visited about Bell, Book, and Candle's rooftop hydroponic garden and met with owner chef, John Mooney, then had a fabulous rooftop-to-table meal! http://ow.ly/9D5Kg

Unknown said...

Love the urban garden movement.