Friday, January 10, 2020

Celebrate Houseplant Appreciation Day with Costa Farms

Houseplant Appreciation Day is January 10th. Costa Farms recognizes all of the amazing benefits houseplants provide. They’re decorative, boost well-being and purify indoor air.

Now that the holidays are over, it’s time to show your houseplants a little TLC. Thank a plant today for bringing beauty into your home and office, making you feel good and naturally cleansing the very air you breathe inside.

Here are 5 simple tips to celebrate the day:
1. Recognize Green Heroes
Many houseplants clean the air every minute of the day. They absorb up to 87 percent of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) that hide in ordinary household products such as paints, carpets and ink. Studies from the US Environmental Protection Agency (USEPA) have found that levels of indoor air pollution can be two to five times higher — and in some cases 10 times more polluted than outdoor air. Some of the best houseplants to absorb indoor toxins include peace lilies, orchids and ferns.

2. Decorate Your Home or Office
A houseplant instantly transforms any room. Care for the same plants every month or mix it up for special occasions such as anthuriums for Valentine’s Day, orchids for Mother’s Day or Devil’s Backbone for Halloween. Change up your pots to match the season or holiday.

Houseplants give new life to a room when placed in colorful pots and made into a focal point. Make an impact by topping a table with a vintage tablecloth and houseplant. The bright green leaves of an indoor plant make a gorgeous complement to white walls or boring offices. Plants can also add height and texture.

3. Connect with nature
Bridge the gap between indoors and outdoors with a houseplant. According to the EPA, most people spend 90 percent of their time indoors; a houseplant is the perfect way to be reminded of the beauty the world has to offer.

4. Find the right houseplant
Some houseplants, like those from Costa Farms’ Plants of Steel collection, are very easy to care for. Just add water, light and nutrients from time to time to show these houseplants some love. Check the plant tag or visit for information about how much light a plant needs. A houseplant lets you know the spot is right by maintaining healthy leaves.

5. Start a Water Schedule
If you don’t have a schedule for watering houseplants, today’s the day to start one! If the soil is dry about an inch below the surface, add water. If the plant does not seem too dry, check it again in a few days. Be sure not to overwater: It’s the number one reason houseplants die.

To find the best houseplant for your home or office and how to care for it, visit

About Costa Farms
Costa Farms is the largest producer of indoor house plants in the world. Founded in 1961 by Jose Costa, Costa Farms is a third-generation, family-owned business that globally stretches over 4,200 acres and employs approximately 3,400 people. Along with thriving indoor houseplant, annual, and perennial plant divisions, Costa Farms operates merchandising and transportation companies as part of its infrastructure, with operations domestically in Florida, North Carolina, and South Carolina, and abroad in the Dominican Republic and Far East.

Wednesday, September 11, 2019

2020 Garden Trends Report, Seeing 20/20, LIVE

For nearly 20 years we have peered into the crystal ball searching for future industry trends. This year is no different. The 2020 Garden Trends Report, Seeing 20/20, offers a peek into what will trend in horticulture in 2020 and beyond.

Why trends? Staying on top of trends allows garden-focused businesses to take advantage of new opportunities and stay on the cutting edge.

For years we’ve identified shifts in habits and growth that affect both consumer and professional horticulture. From the way we design our cities to the people who work in them, the green industry will be at the forefront of urban growth and development in 2020.

This year’s trends are reinventions from a bygone era — helping to reconnect us with nature, rejuvenate the soil and lead us to a more thoughtful approach to life. Certainly, times have changed, but if we can combine the wisdom of the past with the science and technology of today, our future could be very bright. 

Technology and data have revolutionized many industries over the last century, including gardening. As the world moves to a more urbanized focus, with some estimating that 70 percent of the world’s population will live in cities by 2050, Central Recreational Districts are on the rise as people search for new and more effective green infrastructure opportunities. 

The 2020 trends also emphasize the role sustainability will play in consumerism and the green industry, from regenerative gardening to a shift to a circular economy. According to Accenture, a circular economy could generate $4.5 trillion in new output by 2030.

Not to mention, the millennial plant parent movement only continues to grow. Moving beyond simply plants in apartments but to create relationships and introduce a new demographic to gardening. 

The plant swaps are the new garden clubs.

Garden Media has published its highly anticipated Garden Trends Report annually since 2001. The firm offers information about trends in a variety of formats including a free annual report and YouTube series. The 2020 Garden Trends Report is available for free download now. Read Garden Media’s GROW! blog for trend updates and industry news. 

Wednesday, July 10, 2019

Garden Media Group to Preview 2020 Trends at Cultivate’19

This month, garden industry insiders will gather at Cultivate’19, AmericanHort’s annual conference in Columbus. 
Katie Dubow will be there to explore what the future holds.
Katie will preview the firm’s 2020 Garden Trends Report, Seeing 2020, offering a peek into what will be trending in horticulture in 2020 and beyond.
For years we’ve identified shifts in habits and growth that effect both consumer and professional horticulture. From the way we design our cities to the people who work in them, the green industry will be at the forefront of urban growth and development in 2020.
During the last century, technology and data have advanced, revolutionizing many industries, including gardening. This year’s trend, “Roaring into the Twenties,” compares where we were 100 years ago to today. The firm looks at how a new decade ushers in sustainable ways to live, socialize and garden.
As the world moves to a more urbanized focus, with some estimating that 70 percent of the world’s population will live in cities by 2050, Central Recreational Districts are on the rise as people search for new and more effective green infrastructure opportunities. 
The 2020 Trends also emphasize the role sustainability will play in consumerism and the green industry, from regenerative gardening to a shift to a circular economy. According to Accenture, a circular economy could generate $4.5 trillion in new output by 2030.
On Saturday, July 13, Katie will also moderate a workshop, Creating a Modern Garden Center
AmericanHort has brought together a diverse panel of creative and ambitious leaders in the garden retail industry to share tips to be inspired by and spark innovation when it comes to creating the modern garden center.
Cultivate’19 takes place Saturday, July 13 through Tuesday, July 16 at the Greater Columbus Convention Center in Columbus, OH.
The 2020 report will be available in September 2019. Read Garden Media’s GROW! blog for trend updates and industry news.

Monday, April 01, 2019

Sneak Peek into the 2020 Garden Trends

We work year-round to source trends for our Garden Trend Reports. And this year, we couldn't wait a day past April 1 to share some of the biggest trends we’re predicting for 2020.

Grow a Garden on Your... Face
First it was garden crowns, and then it was garden beards, but the newest trend in flowers in your... garden brows. The trend features whimsical garden-themed accents fit for a fairy, including tiny flowers and butterfly stickers intricately placed on and around the brows, as well as a lush-green base that imparts a grassy effect. 

Glitter Food
There is something shiny! Eat it! From lattés to donuts, glitter is making its way onto the food scene, providing dazzling aesthetics and social media-friendly images. People like putting glitter on their bodies—so why not also on their food? Now, don't get us wrong; glittery coffee is admittedly a tad (OK, extremely) unnecessary. But hey, we're all for adding a little more sparkle to our daily routine. 


Sustainable Living Powered by... Poo
The Pakistani port city of Karachi announced plans for a new bus network with a difference: the 200 city buses will be powered by cow poo 🐮💩 The network will serve 320,000 passengers daily, and reduce carbon emissions by 2.6 million tonnes over the next 30 years. City authorities say the buses will be running in 2020. Water buffaloes, we salute you! 

And that's not all poo can do! At Elephant POOPOOPAPER PARK 🐘💩🌴in Chiang Mai, eco-friendly recycled paper is made with Elephant poo! 


While these might seem a bit outlandish, Garden Media Group has been accurately predicting industry trends for over a decade. But you’re right, today, April 1st is a wee bit early for our annual predictions, so stay tuned to find out which trends really make the cut for 2020 …

Monday, March 04, 2019

More Than One Million Strong: National Pollinator Garden Network Surpasses Goal of One Million Registered Pollinator Gardens

In just three years, 1,040,000 gardens were registered with the Million Pollinator Garden Challenge (MPGC) involving an estimated eight million people, concentrated in the United States, and Canada with some in Mexico, and across the globe. From tiny yards to public gardens, the million plus gardens add up to a network of approximately five million acres of enhanced or new pollinator habitat.

Pollinator Gardening Hot Spots, where high percentages of the local population registered gardens, include: the desert southwest, Santa Fe, New Mexico, Prescott and Flagstaff, and the Phoenix-Mesa-Scottsdale, Arizona metro area. The Smoky Mountain region, which straddles North Carolina and Tennessee, contributed over 35,000 gardens.  These areas, along with St. Louis, Missouri and others also support high bee density and diversity. Research indicates that the impact of these small-scale pollinator gardens has added significant support to pollinator abundance and diversity.
Metro areas with the highest number of registered gardens include Atlanta, Chicago, Miami-Ft. Lauderdale, Philadelphia-Camden, Washington DC, and New York City.
Launched in June 2015 by the National Pollinator Garden Network (NPGN), the goal of the MPGC was to create networks of gardens to help save pollinators, which are responsible for 1 out of 3 food bites we take each day. Together, through collaborative conservation we are restoring pollinator populations that provide the foundation of our ecosystems and our food supply.” said, Collin O’Mara, President and CEO of National Wildlife Federation. “When we save wildlife, we save ourselves”.

With 40% of all invertebrate pollinator species – particularly bees and butterflies –at risk of extinction (National Research Council, 2007), NPGN responded as the largest pollinator conservation effort to engage the horticultural and voluntary sectors in a major role —offering a hands-on way for citizens to restore and enhance pollinator habitat.  

Co-founding organizations: National Wildlife Federation; Pollinator Partnership; American Public Gardens Association; AmericanHort; National Gardening Association; American Seed Trade Association; National Gardening Bureau; and, led the doubling of the NPGN to over 50 conservation, garden trade, garden club, and voluntary civic and federal partners. 

Nancy L. Hargroves, president, National Garden Clubs, Inc. inaugural NPGN member, stated, “Our 5000 clubs in almost every state are proud to collaborate with the NPGN. The significant increased awareness and action for pollinators was not limited to any one project, but combined, has a greater total impact on the world.”

“Our collective efforts have accomplished great things for bees, butterflies, and other pollinator species that play a critical role in our natural world,” says Val Dolcini, president of the Pollinator Partnership. “From enhancing our food supply to increasing the biodiversity of our environment, these hard-working pollinators need to be protected at all costs. By protecting their lives, we’re preserving ours.”

An impact report, released today, indicates the MPGC led to a shift in consumer awareness, and wider actions such as pro-pollinator pledges, proclamations and policies. Since the campaign launch, 92 percent of garden centers have seen an increase in demand for pollinator-friendly plants and services and 86 percent are offering more pollinator-friendly plants, services, and education. Craig Regelbrugge, senior vice president of AmericanHort, applauds these efforts. “Leaders in horticulture have stepped up to meet consumer demand for pollinator friendly plants and to provide the necessary education about sustainable methods that support habitat.”

Moving Forward
The 2019 call to action is designed to build on the momentum of Challenge in two ways
  1. Expanding garden habitat by asking Americans to plant at least three different pollinator-friendly plants that bloom in three different seasons (spring, summer and fall) to help ensure a consistent food supply for pollinators. The MPGC map will stay open for new registrations, and plant/garden descriptions.
  2. Track the outcomes of this movement, by encouraging everyone to participate in citizen science projects that help pollinators at

“The passion for pollinators is clearly evident. Let’s pass it on and encourage the 35 million Americans who garden with flowers, to each put in one new pollinator friendly plant per season each year. Imagine the transformation!” says Mary Phillips, National Wildlife Federation, NPGN coordinator.

Thursday, February 14, 2019

Davey Tree Wins Communications Awards from TCIA

Congratulations to The DaveyTree Expert Company who was awarded two Tree Care Industry Association (TCIA) Professional Communications Awards for 2018.

Davey won in two separate categories of the professional communications awards: marketing campaign and newsletter/blog. The professional communications awards program honors marketing and communications excellence within the tree care industry.

Our “Tree RxCampaign” was the focus of Davey’s public relations efforts in 2018. The campaign, which won in the marketing campaign category, concentrated on the health and wellness benefits associated with trees. The messages were featured throughout the year on Davey’s website, social media accounts and other printed materials.

The Davey Bulletin, Davey’s internal employee magazine, was awarded in the newsletter/blog category and was submitted by the corporate communications department. The Davey Bulletin is a bi-monthly publication that highlights Davey’s employees, leadership within the green industry and the commitment to the company’s core values of integrity, safety, expertise, improvement, leadership and resolve.

“Davey’s honored to be recognized as communications leaders in the green industry,” said Sandra Reid, vice president, Davey corporate communications and strategic planning administration. “The corporate communications team created some fun and creative communications pieces in 2018, that even go beyond the two highlighted here. This recognition within the industry motivates us to think of innovative and dynamic ways to create even more effective communication pieces in 2019.”

Congratulations Davey! We are proud to work with you!

Friday, February 08, 2019

2019 Garden Superstars - New Plants and Products for Spring

The best way to reverse those winter blues is to get back in the garden. To get you excited for spring, Garden Media Group has released its 2019 Garden Superstars for Spring. This year’s list features delicious edible plants, safe garden food and innovative products.

These Garden Superstars will transform any patio or backyard and make gardening easier

Grow your own homegrown nutritious blueberries. This spring try two new varieties from the Bushel and Berry® collection that are perfect for warmer climates and self-pollinating. Blueberry Buckle™, a quick growing blueberry that stays compact with white bell-shaped flowers that appear in spring and produce sweet, dark blueberries. Southern Bluebelle™ will be a charming addition to your patio or landscape. This petite blueberry plant produces plump, juicy blueberries in late summer and displays bright red, emerging foliage that turns emer­ald green as it matures. For more information on these and other berries, visit

Summer Bulb of 2019. Get blooms all summer in fiery shades of red, orange and yellow with Crocosmia. Requiring little care, they combine well with ornamental grasses to create a beautiful scene in your yard. Crocosmia is a hummingbird magnet, makes outstanding cut flowers and can provide a vivid splash of color to containers. Plus, they’re deer resistant too! Visit your local garden center to find more summer flowering bulbs. For more information, visit

Small Space Gardening. The new Collapsible Watering Can and Collapsible Watering Bucket from Centurion were created with storage and mobility in mind. Their heavy duty, non-porous silicone material offers superior strength, while the foldable and detachable parts allow freedom to use these products in any space. The Watering Bucket is perfect for gardening, boating and camping while the Watering Can doubles as a storage container. For more information visit

Better fruits and veggies. The Espoma Company’s new Tomato! Liquid fertilizer and Berry-Tone granular fertilizer provide just the right nutrients to these timeless favorites. Tomato! comes in a colorful 8 oz. bottle with a user-friendly cap that measures just the right amount of plant food to encourage plump and juicy tomatoes. For berry gardeners, Espoma’s new Berry-tone provides a long-lasting, slow-release of nutrients. Feed plants in early spring to encourage growth and more berries. Find Berry-Tone and other Espoma products at your local garden center or at

Grow a Hanging Garden. Fresh herbs in the kitchen? Yes, please! This rustic herb kit from Bloem comes with a real wood back and comes with three 6” Ariana planters in black. Write the name of your favorite herbs on the planter holders, and grow vertically! Perfect for growing herbs indoors so you can enjoy the freshest ingredients all year long! Find this and other beautiful containers at

For more exciting new plants and garden products for spring 2019, visit

Wednesday, December 19, 2018

2018 Holiday Gift Guide

Matching gifts with people can be lots of fun. This year, we have your back and a dependable shopping list to match. 

This shopping list takes care of everyone’s needs. Each product is high quality, easy-to-use, or easy-to-grow. They will fit the needs of a beginner- gardener friend or master-gardener mother. No one will be left out.

So, cross a few people off your list with gifts that encourage outdoor activity and inspire time spent in nature.

Here is our curated a list of sustainable, useful, and thoughtful gifts:

Environmentally Friendly Tumbler

Why send kitchen leftovers to the landfill when they can be recycled directly in the garden? Accomplish two goals with one effort: get a gift and help the environment. Mantis’ Back Porch ComposTumbler is compact and mighty, turning kitchen and yard waste into high quality compost. Fruit and veggies will grow like never before.

Garden Strong and Confident
Centurion knows tools. Whether gifting these tools to a new gardener or giving them to a master gardener, Centurion tools are up for any task. 

The Centurion Garden and Outdoor Living Cutting Set ($30), a handy cutting tools set, includes a lopper, pruner, and hedge shears. Your loved one will be able to tackle any garden cutting project.

Berry Delightful
Delicious, nutritious, and stunning to look at, Bushel and Berry’s raspberries, blackberries, or blueberries provide fresh berries at your fingertips. 

They are a source of education for kids and a nutritious snack all in one. These berry bushes are suited for everyone, kids and adults, starter or expert. With nine varieties available, you will be spoiled for choice.

Cultivate Quality
Weed the garden at 6:00 AM with the quiet Mantis 58V Cordless Tiller/Cultivator. This battery-powered tiller does an excellent job weeding, reviving existing beds, and making new ones. It is a convenient 26 pounds, making it easy to move around and transport. Small, efficient, and easy to use, this tiller/cultivator makes an excellent gift for anyone who loves to garden.

Happy shopping!

Monday, September 17, 2018

Garden Media Invited to Present 2019 Garden Trends at Exclusive Event in Italy

Katie has been invited to present the 2019 Garden Trends Report at an exclusive event hosted by the Orlandelli Organization, Orlandelli Horizon.
Image result for bologna italy

Held September 27, 2018 in Bologna, Italy, the Horizon conference will raise awareness of the importance of gardening and, in turn, inspire new gardeners.

Marco Orlandelli, managing director of Orlandelli Organization, wants to increase the value of the green industry around the world. But knows that he can’t realize this dream alone. This is why he created the event and brought together the top speakers in their fields.

Besides the newest trends in gardening, managers and entrepreneurs who attend the conference will learn more about consumer interaction, digital branding and creativity. Katie is one of three speakers from three countries: America, France, and Italy.

Marco’s passion for building a global green industry has inspired us to think about worldwide trends. We are thrilled to be presenting our trends to a European audience for the first time.

Attendees will have the opportunity to network with other professionals in the garden industry and interact with experts.

The Orlandelli Group LLC, based in Canicossa (Marcaria), Italy, is a five generation floriculture business. They are innovative leaders in creating special containers, production benches and landscaping software for displayers in garden centers, carts and flower shops.

For more information about Orlandelli Horizon visit

To download our latest trends, visit

Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Happy 30th Anniversary to Us!

September 2018 marks our 30th birthday. Being in business for 30 years is a milestone for any company. But for us, it marks 30 years of growing, changing and finding focus.

Do you know the story? It all began in 1988 when Suzi put her young daughter, Katie, on the bus for the first day of school and opened the doors to IMPACT Marketing, a general practice PR firm. She started the business on the principle “Your vision is our mission” and envisioned a company whose sole purpose was its clients’ success. 

That vision lives on today in Garden Media.

Today we pride ourselves on providing top-notch public relations and social media campaigns, high-quality service, and worldwide media exposure for an international portfolio of clients in the world of horticulture and outdoor living.

The past 30 years have been incredible. We are deeply thankful to all of our innovative clients and creative team members who have contributed to our success. While we might be small in size, we deliver huge results-driven campaigns that impact the bottom line for clients all over the world.

In 1995, IMPACT landed its first horticultural client, The Conard-Pyle Company. Following enormous success with Conard-Pyle and the introduction of The Knock Out Rose, Suzi made a strategic decision to focus on the lawn and garden industry. In 2002, the company changed its name to Garden Media Group.

Focusing on gardening and outdoor living was the second best business decision we ever made. It allowed the firm to be a major player in a big industry. 

The first best decision? Bringing Katie on board.

Throughout the years, Garden Media has stayed true to its mission: To instill a passion for nature and a love of gardening to all generations to improve environmental health and support human wellbeing. With services including traditional and social media marketing, promotional tie-ins and product launches, we serve clients big and small throughout the gardening world.

We are so proud to reach this milestone as an agency. Suzi’s vision and mission will always be our north star to guide us as we serve our clients and help grow our industry.

In addition to lawn and garden PR services, Garden Media releases an annual Garden Trends Report to reflect the changing attitudes and behaviors of consumers and predict areas of growth in the garden industry as a whole. 

The 2019 GTR will be released on the company anniversary, marking the 17th report.

Today, we continue toward our goal to inspire 320 million Americans to live a healthy gardening lifestyle 52 weeks a year. 

I still can’t believe how fortunate we've been to have built a company that has lasted this long.  
It's no longer ‘fake it ‘til you make it’. Cheers to us! We’ve made it!

Sunday, April 01, 2018

Exclusive Sneak Peek at 2019 Garden Trends

We work year-round to source trends for our Garden Trend Reports. And this year, we couldn't wait a day past April 1 to share some of the biggest trends we’re predicting for 2019.

Here is an exclusive sneak peek:

Pee Sheds

Image result for outhouse

Ladies have been loving their she sheds, but what happens when nature calls? 

In 2019, we will see she shed owners rushing out for a second shed — a pee shed. These small structures are separate from homes and contain one or more toilets. They’re absolutely perfect for sitting and thinking and listening to nature’s music.

Those who have styled their homes and sheds to be more “primitive” may choose to include a pit latrine or a bucket. Those looking for a modern twist will definitely want to take a leak in the $10,000 NeoRest 750, which includes a remote controlled bidet. 

Whatever you choose, don’t forget to bring your seed catalog for paper on the go. 

Moss Capes

Wedding season is here. 

As the weather begins to warm, bohemian brides everywhere are dreaming of seaside escapes, beautiful meadows in full bloom or a magical forest to be married in. Dreams of flowing dresses, bare feet and flower crowns have begun. 

But wait, this new trend in floral wear is not flower crowns. Its moss capes

This new trend will show your friends that you are truly one with nature. Moss capes can be made with any type of moss you’d like – including what is growing in your backyard! Want to add a pop of color? Weave in dandelions, the common daisy, creeping buttercup or any other colorful weed found in your yard. You will be the bride to remember! 

Plantcestry Reveal Parties

Pink Brandywines or Cherokee Purples? What’s your tomato plant’s plantcestry?

You can get DNA tests for yourself, your pets and now — your plants. Digging deep into your favorite plants’ plantcestry opens new doors for gardeners everywhere. These tests are especially helpful for gardeners who just wait to see what sprouts up in their garden from their compost.

Your results are a great starting point for connecting with other gardeners with similar plants. Find out where your plants are native to, what other plants they’re related to and basically everything you could ever want to know including an ethnicity estimate and a list of DNA matches (other people’s plants who have taken the Plancestry test).

Once you’ve got a potential breakdown of your plants heritage by percentage, throw a plancestry reveal party and make a video to share with friends and family on social media!  

Edible Plant Pods

Across the world, people are asking themselves, "Do I dare to eat a Tide Pod?”

No, the answer is noDo not, under any circumstances, eat Tide Pods.

However, Plant Pods are the newest craze. Clearly targeting Generation Z, plant pods are available in an array of bright green, purple and red. Some pods can be eaten in the entirety, and some have to be opened to enjoy the contents inside.

Like most fads, people are turning to social media to share people eating their Plant Pods.

While these might seem a bit outlandish, Garden Media Group has been accurately predicting industry trends for over a decade. Today, April 1st is a wee bit early for our annual predictions, so stay tuned to find out which trends make the cut in our 2019 Garden Trends Report…

And if you haven't downloaded 2018 yet, please do so today!

Friday, January 19, 2018

3 Free Apps To Help You Enhance Your Garden Skills

Guest post by Wendy Dessler
They say that some people are just born with a green thumb. These are folks who can grow anything, anywhere. Then there are the rest of us.

If you want to have a beautiful flower garden, plant fall veggies, or grow an herb garden, you can. The following apps make it easy. These apps will tell you what to do, or more importantly, what not to do for a successful crop.

The first thing you need is a professional supplier. The seed shop you choose is very important. You want pros that know what they are doing and seeds that are hearty. You will need to build a relationship with your seed store because you will return again and again as the seasons and the planting needs change.

They will need information in order to help you. Be ready to answer these questions.
  • Do you want flowers that bloom late in the year and come back next year, or do you want plants that produce all year?
  • Is your garden going to be inside or outdoors?
  • How much space you have to work with.
  • What plants grow well together and which will not get along?
Once you have determined where your garden will be and what materials you need to gather, you are ready to begin.

There are tons of free apps online for the new and the experienced gardeners. These apps walk you through every step, making your project fail proof. You can try them one at a time and then select the one that works the best for your life.

The top 3 apps (in my humble opinion)

Gardening Know How

This app is the mac daddy of all gardeners apps. If you need to know something, it is in there. Regardless of your gardening skill level, this app will take you from planting to harvest. Get tips on everything from soil to pests control. If you have a question, chances are, they have the answer.

Garden Squared

This free app has it all. It has step-by-step instructions on how to plant just about anything. If you don’t know what it is, the app can help you identify it. It has a place for you to add notes and it can remind you when something is going to need something. Garden Squared is available at Google Play.


You can do everything right when you plant, but if you do not care for your plants properly they will not thrive. That is where this app comes into play.

This free app help keeps you on target. It reminds you of the needs of your plants are. Luckily, plants are pretty resilient, but they still need to be cared for and this app will help. As a matter of fact, it may help with other duties too. 
So, now you are ready to start your garden. There are always answers to your questions in the groups and from planting to blooms and even how to deal with pests. Be brave, you can do this. Everything you need is at your fingertips. If you make a mistake, nature is pretty kind and you will recover.