Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Organic Sector Still Growing

 Inside GrowerAccording to Annie White of Inside Grower, the market continues to grow for organic food!

And that comes as good news for organic farmers and producers as the consumer-driven U.S. organic market surpasses $31 billion!

“With 94% of organic operations nationwide planning to maintain or increase employment in 2012, the organic sector will continue to fuel jobs, rural economies and consumer choice,” said Christine Bushway, executive director of Organic Trade Association (OTA.)

Annie provides a few findings from the 2012 Organic Industry Survey from the OTA:
  • Organic sales of all products had a 9.5% ($2.5 billion) increase in 2011, while conventionally produced products (both food and non-food items) had a 4.7% increase.
  • Organic food sales now represent 4.2% of all U.S. food sales, up from 4% in 2010.
  • The fruit and vegetable category accounted for nearly 50% of those new dollars in 2011
  • The organic food and beverage sector had sales of $29.22 billion in 2011, a 9.4% increase over 2010
  • There are 17,600 certified organic farms, ranches and businesses in the U.S.
  • Seventy-eight percent of U.S. families report they buy organic.
  • More than half of parents surveyed report they have a high level of trust for certified USDA organic products.
Bushway adds, “Consumers are increasingly engaged and discerning when they shop, making decisions based on their values and awareness about health and environmental concerns. For them, it matters whether foods are genetically engineered, or produced using practices that are good for their families. Price is still an issue, but with the wide availability of private label products and many venues for organic products, they have many choices for where to shop and a variety of products from which to choose.”

And I agree, with the increase of Whole Foods stores and farmers markets, organic food no longer sits on the peripheral of the supermarkets.  It's here to stay.



anandhi said...
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gajal said...

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