Wednesday, February 29, 2012

'Occupy local': Farmers Markets and CSA's!

No matter your political stance, we can all rally around a  heap of ripe cantaloupe and fresh-picked veggies as we 'occupy local' and support our local farmers market.

According to our own Susan McCoy, trendspotter and garden expert, "Farmers markets are our new backyard veggie gardens and are becoming our local grocery store. 'Occupy local ' means chickens in your own backyard, buying produce at the local food shed and CSA's (Community Supported Agriculture) and gardening with a purpose."

Although it's technically still winter, some winter farmers markets are open and provide year-round fresh produce and local specialties. Check 'em out!

The USDA is actively engaged in developing partnerships with farmers markets via their initiative: Know your Farmer, Know Your Food Initiative. In 2011, they've counted over 7,100 operating farmers markets in the nation and over 170 food hubs. And Local Harvest has a great list of organic food grown closest to you. Their tag line: Real food. Real farmers. Real Community seems to say it all.

Tell us what market you prefer, fabulous finds, and whether you'll be joining a CSA this year.

And "occupy local" to support your local farmers and CSA's for better tasting, healthier, fresher food with a nod to a more sustainable future and a "happier" Mother Earth.
photo credit: Garden Media Group
Kennett Square Farmers Market

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