Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Tips for April Gardening

April has brought singing birds, sunshine and blooming trees for us in PA!  It's been wonderful!  In fact, everything is blooming earlier this year, did you notice that the azaleas had peaked at The Masters this weekend? Go Bubba!

Since the winter was so mild, you might have a head start on your plantings- and actually enjoy being outside! But in case you are right on schedule, here are a few things to focus on in April:
  • Vegetable plantings like lettuce,  cabbage, rhubarb, horseradish and asparagus.
  • Since the weather is so nice, you could plant warmer weather crops like tomatoes, squash, cucumbers and peppers, but beware we MAY still have another nighttime frost!
  • There is still time left to plant shrubs and trees but do it now or it'll be too late and they won't get a strong start.

  • The summer flowering bulbs should be planted now. Mix some bulb fertilizer with compost but make sure that all signs of frost have passed before you  put your bulbs outdoors.
  • Prune the evergreen hedges to keep them in trim and cut the dead wood and branches to allow for maximum growth and thickening over the summer months.
  • Perennials can be divided now like, Day lilies, Iris, Chrysanthemums and Primula. These can be used to plant out new areas of the garden or given to friends to boost their gardens and also to show off your skills as well, of course! 
  • Fruit trees can be planted out, best in a sunny spot of the garden.
But our most important tip of all is to get out side and enjoy the spring! 

Katie @KatieGMG
Garden Media Group

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