Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Costa Farms Launches Spring/Summer Issue of GrowingStyle

I'm excited to share with you Costa Farms Spring/Summer edition of GrowingStyle magazine, a free hip digital magazine that will inspire gardeners and educate the plant curious.

Flip through the pages on your desktop to transform your home or office into a living refuge of health, serenity and color. You can also download the fully-optimized free app to enable the best iPhone, iPad and Android viewing experience.

Inside you'll find the benefits of greening our homes and offices with houseplants, and adding bold color with blooming tropicals and annuals to brighten patios, decks and porches. Plus, you'll get a sneak peak at the latest color trends from around the world and discover your own plant personality!
The breezy style is attributed to GrowingStyle editor Karen Weir-Jimerson, a renowned magazine writer, author and Master Gardener who has penned books and articles for Better Homes and Gardens and other top gardening and lifestyle magazines.
To access the digital magazine, visit Once there you can share articles via your favorite social networks and get direct links to related online resources.
-Stacey @StaceyGMG

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