Monday, April 09, 2012

GMG Monday Espresso: Celebrate the 'Little Victories' in Social Media ROI

PR News interviewed Danielle Brigida, social media manager for the National Wildlife Federation, about measuring the ROI of social media.

Danielle says it can be a complicated process—but it doesn't have to be. She is not only a believer in the absolute importance of gaining expertise in PR measurement. She claims, instead, that the process itself is about having fun and being social.

Here is the interview:

PR News: What are the first few steps PR pros can take in tying social media metrics to outcomes?

Danielle Brigida: Pick both quantitative and qualitative key performance indicators to measure. Stick with a few of the most important metrics and pay attention to the outcomes both in real time and over time. Some people like the view from above and others want to get incredibly specific. I think creating a consistent report is helpful because you then stick to it.

PR News: What advice can you share with other nonprofits or small businesses about proving ROI to senior management?

Brigida: Increasing the communication is key. Document little victories and make sure the expectations of your leaders are realistic. My experience with social media leads me to believe that what you invest in social media is what you get out of it.

PR News: What should be taken under consideration when choosing social media measurement tools?

Brigida: The biggest question you should ask yourself is what capacity you have to manage the tools. Also, if you stick to the rule that you’re spending about 15-20% of your time measuring, you can identify what will make things easy for you. Budget is also incredibly important. There is a huge price range for social media measurement tools—balancing your budget with free tools and paid tools can be a good solution.

Brigida promises those who attend her talk at the PR Measurement Conference next Wednesday, April 18 in DC will learn to have fun measuring social media!

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