Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Tips for February Gardening

House & Garden Cover - February 1916 Premium Giclee Print
The Feb 1916 cover of House and Garden
Preparation. Preparation. Preparation.

January's garden was all about planning, buying seeds and dreaming of Spring.  February brings us one month closer to that delightful season!
The main tasks and priorities this month are:
  • Paint a fun, bright color on all tool handles.  It will keep them looking fresh and help you find them in the yard. 
  •  February is also the month to get the lawn mower going and check that it's in good working order. Sharpen the blade and lubricate the moving parts, it'll be busy before too long. The shears and other tools will appreciate a tune up or spring clean as well.
  • Dig in some soil amendments like Soil Reef around the roots of shrubs and trees. This will help kick start them into action when the weather starts to warm up.
  • Deciduous vines should be trimmed back now and shaped if needed. 
  • Your roses should also be pruned back now if they haven't been done yet. 
  • If you didn't do it in January, get buying those seeds!


Unknown said...

The weather is perfect right now for getting a jump on Spring. Thanks for the awesome tips.

Linda said...

Thanks for reminders. Getting on my roses tomorrow!