Thursday, January 05, 2012

Tips for a January Garden

Most gardeners are dreaming of Spring during this cold, blizzardy winter month of January.  Although, most of us east coasters had been experiencing a VERY mild winter, there is still a lot to be done. 

The main tasks and priorities this month are:
  • Planning! What plants are you going to focus on for the coming year? Analyze last year's planting, fertilizing and spraying. Make notes to reorder successful varieties as well as those you wish to try again.
  •  Dig out those seed catalogs for inspiration! When reviewing for new varieties, consider American Beauties Native Plants, which have improved insect and/or disease resistance for your area. Watch also for drought-tolerant types. 
  • If the ground isn't soggy or frozen, January is a good time to turn the soil. This will expose insect eggs and help reduce the number of pests.  Consider adding biochar to the mix for greater water retention and increased nutrient absorption.
  • Feed the birds to help them survive through the cold winter.
  • Prune shrubs and bushes.
  • Brush snow from evergreens as soon as possible after a storm. Use a broom in an upward, sweeping motion. Serious damage may be caused by heavy snow or ice accumulating on the branches. 
  • Indoor Hyacinths and Amaryllis should be in full bloom adding a touch or much needed color to windowsills or heated greenhouses. Other house plants will appreciate a feed with a good quality liquid plant food. 
  • Increased humidity in your house by placing plants on trays lined with pebbles and filled with water to within one half inch of the base of the pot. If you heat with wood, keep a pot of water on the stove. The added moisture will be healthier for you as well as your plants!
 What other tips can you offer?

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stewart said...

these are great tips for maintaining your garden during winter, so many of us neglect outdoor space when it's cold, creating a mammoth task for ourselves when the weather turns and we want to enjoy the garden, but it's a wild jungle