Thursday, February 02, 2012

Garden Trends - The Power of Plants

"The Power of Plants: Gardening for the Good Life” is the over riding theme for our 2012 Garden Trends Report.

This appreciation of our connection with nature seems to ebb and flow with other big trends. We've been seeing it evolve over the past few years when people shifted from decorating their yards to gardening with a purpose. In our high tech, high stress world, people are searching for balance and purpose in their lives, and many are finding it in the garden.

And they are doing more than just decorate their decks. For the past few years we've seen this growing trend of people gardening with a purpose. People gardening to grow their own food, build a butterfly garden or create a happy place to just sit and relax. They are making connections with the garden in new - and old - ways.

We know it in the heart of our souls that by tapping into the power of plants we find some peace and harmony. Being 'within' or part of nature restores us mentally, physically and spritually.

People who garden, whether in a yard or a pot on a balcony, have known this little secret for years.

Plants are not a luxury, but a necessity for our lives. We need plants for the "new good life".

We need plants to breath. Without plants, the air would be so full of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) we would not be able to breath.

I never thought I'd be using those word. Volatile. Organic. Compounds. It's those nasty compounds like CO2, nicotine, and formaldehyde, that plants love to eat. Plants need those VOCs to live. It's a great balancing act.

Plants do more than scrub the air clean and provide pure clean oxygen for us to breath. Plants cool us and give us shade. They make us feel less stressed and happier. They help us heal and make us more productive. In other words, plants make our lives better. We clearly need plants to live a happy, healthy life. They have the power. If you want more research you will ever need, visit O2 for You or Dr. Charlie Hall's blog for lots of white papers on the benefits of plants.

Why this connection with nature? According to Harvard professor Edward O. Wilson, we can't help ourselves. We are actually hard- wired in our DNA to bond with all living things. He calls this connection biophilia - love of life. Check out his book.

I agree 100%. We say around the Garden Media Group that plants are more than just a pretty face. From the power of healing to restoring neighborhoods, plants are vital for healthy, balanced lives.

A growing army of environmentally conscious Gen X & GenY’s agree, too. Taking care of Mother Earth is part of their culture. With exuberance, these compassionate givers are on a mission to preserve and protect the earth’s resources. These young curators of culture are planting gardens at home or on balconies, are sharing time and building connections in community gardens, and renewing urban spaces and restoring neighborhoods -- all with a fresh eye toward functionality combined with artistic design.

Spread the word. Read more about how to "Cultivate the New Good Life with the Power of Plants!"

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Jake said...

This hits home for me as I'm blogging about starting my vegetable garden and native plant garden, and I'm plotting a hummingbird/butterfly garden too...