Friday, November 04, 2011

Where ISN’T Mark Highland?

This just in on Green Profit's GP Buzz from Ellen Wells, who says she channeled Chris Beytes to write this clever headline and news report:

Where ISN’T Mark Highland?
He’s popping up everywhere these days. If being recognized by a non-industry publication is a sign of success, than the founder of the soil company Organic Mechanics has achieved it. In the pages of the December issue of Entrepreneur Magazine, no less! By all accounts, the magazine has had Mark on their radar for some time, and they’ve wanted to highlight the company’s meteoric rise since it was founded in 2006. Entrepreneur, uh? Some exposure!

It also helps that Mark’s line of organic potting soils is now in more than 50 Atlantic and Northeast region Whole Foods locations, that Mecca for the organic shopper. And, he’s now peddling his organic potting soils to eco-friendly gardeners in the Midwest with a new partnership with Midwest Trading Company. Retailers in Chicagoland and the surrounding states now can add Organic Mechanics soils to their organic soil offerings.

As Mark expands the business, he’s expanding the product line. A 100% organic seed starting blend comes online in January, just in time for gardeners to get their spring seeds going. What a busy guy! Where’ll he pop up next, I wonder?

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