Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Crazy weather and Purple Dreams

Were you one of the millions who recently got walloped with the rare nor'easter that cut a brutal swath through the eastern states and New England?  It was definitely no fun going out to my car that was covered with chunks of hefty, wet ice pellets and turned over with a slower-than-usual sputter.

I have to admit, while my fingers were turning blue from scraping and melting my wipers with blasts of semi-hot air, I found myself yearning for sultry breezes and tropical plants bursting with rich colors.

Well, friends- for those of you in Zone 8-10, here's something to look forward to next spring.  Hines Growers is re-launching it's Patio Tropics (TM) line with new genetics and never-before-seen plants that will bring a tropical feel to gardens, landscapes and your outdoor living areas.

Over the course of the upcoming winter months, I'll be sharing some new plants that will be available in garden centers and Home Depot, next spring. Here's one of my favorite finds from Hines: Crinum Purple Dream (TM). Fantastic plant.

Purple Dream is an intriguing new Black Hawaiian Spider Lily that can be grown for its beautiful foliage alone! It boasts deep purple foliage that is nearly black when grown in full sun. The showy spidery deep-pink flowers bloom on dark red stalks above the foliage, from early summer to fall. As a compact perennial, this durable beauty reaches about 20" tall and wide and is perfect for patios, decks and smaller gardens.

Unlike other dark-leaved Crinums, this beauty provides dramatic leaf color that never fades in full sun. Best yet, she grows well even in part shade. This charmer prefers full sun and regular watering but is adaptable and surprisingly tolerant of drier conditions.

And get this... Purple Dream tolerates occasional watering and will grow in wet soil or in water up to 6" above the crown! Talk about a dream plant!

Let us know which of the plants I'll be highlighting make your must-have list!

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Doreen Howard said...

This made my must-have list! Will it be sold in northern climates, too?

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