Monday, November 07, 2011

Flower Power: Garden with a Purpose

Put your garden gloves on and join the fun because ‘gardening with a purpose’ is taking root.

The purpose may be growing your own food or ‘greening’ urban communities, building backyard habitats or starting gardening programs in schools, connecting with community or making your town more beautiful. Whatever the purpose, people young and old are embracing “Flower Power” and planting for a greener good to change neighborhoods and communities - one garden at a time.

We've had trouble wrapping our heads around saving the rain forests, but we now are wrapping our arms around the fact that we are the earth’s caretakers. We now are are consciously making choices to save our own backyards and our home environments with green plants and beautiful flowers.

These "backyard conservationists" are transforming yards, gardens, rooftops and even urban alleys into green and productive spaces, knowing they are making a positive impact. We've discussed this for several years in our GMG Garden Trends Reports. Check them out to see how we're moving from a nation of "outdoor decorators" to gardening with a purpose.

I’m always impressed when I travel outside the US at how many towns – big and small - are full of flowers and plants. How many homes have lush gardens – no matter how small the yard . . . or the family income.

So I ask you: What’s missing in our culture that we don’t recognize the power of flowers to change our lives for the better? Why don’t more cities compete for America in Bloom? What are you doing to help spread the word about the power of flowers . . . and gardening with a purpose?

How can y'all, who love to garden, help share that love with others to turn our country into a nation of gardeners – inside and out?

Let's Spread the Love -- Flower Power!

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Henderson said...

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