Tuesday, March 01, 2016

'Syncing with Nature' connects the garden industry and its consumers

We released our annual Garden Trends Report for 2016! Syncing with Nature identifies eight consumer trends that will shake up the garden and outdoor living industry this coming year.

The industry trends report finds gardening has transformed into a connected lifestyle in 2016. The rising millennial generation is constantly plugged in.

These eight new trends show ways the gardening and outdoor living industries can lure future consumers – and their digital accessories – outside and connect garden hobbyists with a broader community.

“Consumers are seeking experiences that enhance their wellbeing and support their busy lifestyles,” says Susan McCoy. “When used together, technology can bring people into nature and connect one to the other.”

The report says that consumers are merging technology with nature, not as a distraction, but as a way to explore, educate and entertain. 

Check out our 2016 trends infographic and download our full report here


Edmond G. Belanger said...

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Juana Wright said...

By gardening with kids you can help them learn to feel a connection to nature. In addition, they will learn to care for the environment and appreciate the world around them.

Lucy said...

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Gardenlife said...

Very useful report on gardening trends. Getting close to nature is getting more and more important in the 21st century, and looking after your garden, lawn and hedge is a great way to start. Involve the kids too! Great idea.

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