Thursday, March 03, 2016

New Vibrant Plants & Products for Spring 2016

The best way to reverse those winter blues is to get back in the garden. To get you excited for spring, Garden Media Group has released its 2016 Garden Superstars for Spring. This year’s list features delicious edible plants, safe organic fertilizer and innovative gardening beds.

“This season, let someone else do the work for you. These outstanding products make gardening easier and you more successful,” says Susan McCoy, president of Garden Media.
These superstar plants and products are sure to inspire everyone from the beginner gardener to the seasoned plant professional.

Here is Garden Media’s list of Garden Superstars for Spring 2016. 

Double Cropper. Double Cropper. Plant BrazelBerries® new Perpetua™ in the landscape or garden for a true double-cropping blueberry that sets one crop of delicious fruit in mid-summer and then flowers and fruits a second time to provide ripe fruit in the fall. 

This landscape beauty is somewhat vase-shaped, growing upright to 4’-5’ tall. The leaves are a rich, glossy dark green and curly or twisted in the spring and summer, turning to deep reds and greens in the winter. New canes are bright yellow and red when dormant, which adds a blaze of color to the winter landscape. Enjoy Perpetua’s mild and sweet berries in the summer and fall. Grow in full sun in zones 4 – 8.

Learn more about Perpetua at

No Measure, No Mess. New, organic liquid fertilizers, Start!, Bloom! and Grow! by Espoma, are safer and healthier for plants. Plus, they won’t leave a fishy smell behind. And because they are liquid, they work immediately to give plants what they need most.

The new, innovative Easy Dose cap makes fertilizing less of a guessing game. Each dose gives a precise feeding of specially formulated nutrients. Simply open the flip-top lid, invert the bottle and release a pre-measured dose of product directly into the watering can.

Find the new fertilizers at your local garden center. 

Composter and Garden Bed in One. An African gardening technique to grow food in severe Vita’s Keyhole Garden is a modern version of this raised bed. By capturing the same spirit, the Keyhole Garden is both a growing and composting bed that turns kitchen scraps and other household waste into rich soil. It uses up to 80 percent less water than traditional garden beds and produces more vegetables in less time.
drought and sweltering heat,

The Keyhole Garden has a 20-year warranty and is constructed from attractive and rot-proof food-grade vinyl (BPA- free) with stainless steel fasteners.

Learn more about the Keyhole Garden at

For more exciting new plants and garden products for spring 2016, visit


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