Tuesday, March 01, 2016

Sunlight Supply Inspires Gardening 52 Weeks a Year

The kitchen counter is just one of the many places plants will pop up in 2016. With a mission to inspire more people to garden 365 days a year, Sunlight Supply is partnering with Garden Media  to introduce its indoor growing systems to new markets. 

“Sunlight Supply is very excited about the exploding indoor gardening trend,” says Craig Hargreaves, founder of Sunlight Supply, one the largest garden wholesalers in the country. “With Garden Media’s reputation and key relationships, we’re introducing our products to new audiences.”

Based in Vancouver, WA, Sunlight Supply is the largest and most experienced manufacturer and supplier of indoor gardening products. The extensive catalog features more than 5,000 horticultural, organic, hydroponic, aquaponic and lighting supplies. They even sell indoor greenhouses under the Sun Hut™ brand.

Susan McCoy says Sunlight Supply’s eye for innovation makes the partnership meaningful, adding that indoor gardening provides another opportunity for people to blend technology and nature.

Hargreaves wants everyone to enjoy the benefits of growing year round. “By making gardening a 365, 24/7 hobby, people are finally able to integrate nature into their everyday lives.”

From hydroponic food production to small space gardening solutions, Sunlight Supply is leading the way in innovation, inspiration and supplies. Products are available online and at your local garden center. For more information, visit www.sunlightsupply.com.


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