Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Superheroes of Windowsills and Office Spaces

Warm homes and welcoming workspaces have one thing in common: They are alive with the lushness and beauty of living plants. These indoor Edens appear lush in their splendor -- and there's good news for people who consider their thumbs brown. It doesn't take superhuman strength to keep this indoor greenery alive.   

The Plants of Steel collection from Costa Farms offers homeowners, apartment dwellers and office folks a selection of low-maintenance plants ideal for indoor conditions. Costa Farms, the largest indoor houseplant producer in North America, formed this collection of five plants that thrive in the low-light and dry-air conditions that can leave other plants struggling.

"Here at Costa Farms we love houseplants, and we understand many people either don't know how to care for them or just don't have the time," says Justin Hancock, Costa Farms' garden expert. "There are many houseplants that are perfect for first-time plant owners, or with folks who are away frequently. The five in the Plants of Steel collection are hands-down the best for them."

Superheroes on the Windowsill
Houseplants go beyond softening boxy cube corners and adding color to tabletops and entryways. They also do their part to save the world, one room at a time. Research shows that houseplants filter indoor air, removing up to 87% of common indoor pollutants. Plants also pump life-giving oxygen and moisture into the air as part of their breathing processes.

Caring for these superheroes of the indoor environment can be simple and easy, especially for the fit and strong members of the Plants of Steel collection.

Plants of Steel
The five members of the Plants of Steel collection include:

Aglaonema (AKA Chinese Evergreen) 
This is one of the most recognizable and most popular indoor houseplants. It's striking striped leaves and occasional flowers make it one of the most attractive plants available for interiors. "Chinese evergreen can be left for long periods and will be happy as can be," notes Hancock. "I like to grow them into groups of three to give a room a tropical rainforest feel."

Ponytail Palm 
"It's basically a 'plant it and forget it' variety because it needs such little attention," Hancock says, noting that it toughly suffers through occasional dryness. "It's an extremely slow-growing plant, and a memorable one," he adds.

Sansevieria (AKA Mother-in-Law's Tongue or Snake Plant)
Snake plant could be called the captain of the Plants of Steel collection because of its extremely
low-maintenance needs. Warm or somewhat cool, a little sun or not, water or no  water, this plant continues to grow without fuss or complaint. This is the go-to plant for frequent travelers and folks who just can't seem to care of plants.

Zamioculcas zamiifolia (AKA ZZ Plant) 
The ZZ plant excels in low-light conditions, such as malls and dark corners of offices and homes. "This is such a workhorse of a houseplant," says Hancock. "It can deal with whatever we throw at it, plus it has lovely shiny leaves and a really cool habit."

Sago Palm
Consider sago palm the desktop version of the beachside palm tree. It's as tolerant of low light and dry conditions just as the other Plants of Steel, and can be a cool gift as well. "It's a good plant to have fun with," says Hancock. "Give it to an colleague as a 'welcome back from vacation' gift or dress it with ornaments and such for the holidays."

The Plants of Steel collection from Costa Farms is available at home improvement stores nationwide. For more information on choosing and caring for houseplants, visit


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