Friday, January 03, 2014

GMG's Friday Find: Use Fish To Grow Food - Meeet the Aqualibrium Garden

Imagine a closed-loop ecosystem that can fit anywhere offering the freedom to grow food year round.  That was the vision of the designers of the Aqualibrium Garden, a product that can be used as an aquaponic or hyrdroponic system.

A sleek design that is part fish tank, part garden is small enough to comfortably fit in an urban apartment or small space dwelling.  It utilizes the latest trend of  aquaponics, which is essentially the symbiotic relationship between fish and plant life.  The bottom section of the unit is the fish tank where the waste from the fish is a perfect plant fertilizer. The upper section is where the plants live, their roots providing the perfect biofilter to absorb and purify the fish's water.

If you're not so much of a fish fan, you can use the unit hydroponically by adding pre-bottled nutrients in the water tank. Just sprinkle the nutrients in the bottom portion of the unit a few times a week and the plants on top will thrive.

Have a toddler or cat who may become a little curious with the plant aquarium?  The product comes with four snap doors that attach to the bay openings.  That way you can still enjoy the serenity of swimming fish without fear of a spill, or worse, a kill.

The Aqualibrium Garden comes fully assembled and ready to use.  The waterproof  LED grow lights are included, while you supply the fish and plants.  With 2 square feet of growing space on the top you can grow just about anything, from herbs to veggies. The upper portion is adjustable for large plants like tomatoes and peppers.

With a few nice sized goldfish on the bottom, you'll have enough fish waste to provide nutrients to the plants you grow year round, indoor or outdoor. Fresh, abundant produce at your fingertips without pesticides, herbicides or chemical fertilizers.

We' love to her your thoughts on this garden of the future.  Is it a viable alternative for growing fresh produce without soil, without fuss, and with sustainability in mind?  Let us know if the Aqualibrium Garden fits your lifestyle.

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Petcademy said...

This is awesome, I like the LED lighting very much.
I also like the design, very aesthetic for an indoor garden.

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