Friday, January 17, 2014

GMG's Friday Find: The Farmer's Fridge-A Veggie Vending Machine

Courtesy Farmer's Fridge
If you happen to live anywhere near Garvey Food Court in Chicago consider yourself lucky.  A one-of-a-kind vending machine is dolling out fresh produce.

The Farmer's Fridge is a new concept in fast food vending machines, featuring nothing but healthy, nutritional salads, snacks and proteins.  A little company with a big idea, they've taken fast food to a whole new realm leaving behind a very small carbon footprint.

The kiosk features salads, snacks and proteins for your choosing from a beautiful reclaimed wooden fridge that keeps the food at the perfect temperature. User-friendly touch screens let you pay by credit card and even apply bar-code scanners for coupons and email receipts. The product images, nutrition and ingredient information is in a large, easy to read format.

Here's how it works.  Fresh produce arrives every morning and the salads are made from scratch.  By 10 a.m. the salads are delivered to the kiosk and any unused salads from the previous day are donated to a local food pantry.  At 6 p.m. each day the salads are discounted $1.  Pretty efficient, wouldn't you say?

Their food is SPE-certified, a holistic approach that guarantees the meal options have been properly sourced and are nutritionally balanced. The ingredients promote healthy benefits that are affordable and reasonably low in calories.  The salads are raw and unprocessed, keeping in fiber and nutrients.  All the recipes have been thoroughly crafted based on color, flavor, nutrition and variety.  Salad examples include The Antioxidant Salad, The High Protein Salad, The Detox Salad, The Cheater and the Crunchy Thai Salad, with dressings that rival high-end city restaurants.

Courtesy Farmer's Fridge
All the food comes in 100% recyclable jars making the transport of your delicious food easy. Grab a to-go salad and eat anywhere or refrigerate for up to two days.

Recycling of the jars is easy right at the kiosk, or reusable as many things, from an herb planter to holding pens or crayons. All the bags, utensils, containers and packaging are biodegradable corn-based PLA packaging. From the operation to delivery, this company's carbon footprint is definitely impressive.

This concept could be the future of healthy fast food eating.  I know if there was one in our neck of the woods it would be a huge success.  What are your thoughts on this veggie vending machine?  Would you like to see one available near you?

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