Wednesday, February 06, 2013

Design Spotlight: Avian Brick Homes

It seems to be becoming more and more popular to design sustainable architecture and develop more resiliency in urban ecosystems. Hopefully this becomes more of a way of life rather than a fad, as providing living spaces for the creatures that have lost their habitats to human activities is very important. UK-based designer Chooi-leng Tan has taken the approach of integrating avian habitats directly into new construction in the form of special bricks.

These modular pieces can be stacked or arranged together in various and specific ways to create new homes for urban birds and insects. These come in three different shapes and provide access to water and food which can be placed within the brick's basin. Not only can these bricks provide habitats for birds and insects, you can also place plants within them as well.

However, not much information seems to be provided on the plans for upkeep of these. Is there a designated water-er? But nonetheless it's great to see designers thinking about our fine feathered friends!

~ James
Garden Media Group

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