Friday, February 08, 2013

GMG's Friday Find: Loving Orchids for Valentines Day!

Costa Farms
Did you know that after New Year's Day, Valentine's Day is the most celebrated holiday around the world. Throughout history, this day is honored with romantic traditions that include cards, candy, and gifts to express love and appreciation.  If those diamond studs are not in your budget this year, and you love flowers, consider the orchid.  Unlike cut flowers that are short-lived, the orchid blooms for weeks as a continual reminder of someone's love expression. And better yet, as a beneficial houseplant, will continue to yield for years.

Orchids offer classic, timeless beauty. This restful and romantic orchid garden features a tiny landscape: orchids, arbor, and organic white bowl in perfect harmony. The double slender stems are topped with open flowers and round buds waiting to open. Orchid blooms flower for up to 6 weeks, which makes this mini garden a winner on Valentine’s Day.

Orchids are easy...really!  To water, simply place the plant in your sink and drench with water, let drain, and replace in it's location. Wait until the moss or medium is 95% dry before watering again.  Light requirements are a cinch.  If you can comfortably read with the light in a room, your orchid will be very happy.  Direct sunlight is not recommended.  

Orchids are the perfect Valentines Day gift for everyone on your list. So give a little love and give an orchid...easier on your wallet than diamond studs for sure! Happy Valentines Day from all of us at Garden Media Group.

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