Friday, October 12, 2012

Garden Media Group has a Fresh, New Logo and Website

Introducing the new Garden Media Group!! 

Tonight we will roll out a new visual identity, including a new logo and enhanced website, at a private party held at the 64th GWA Annual Symposium in Tucson, AZ.

The new identity is part of an overall realignment of Garden Media’s brand strategy to make gardening fresh and inviting for a broader audience.

“Our new brand and website truly represent the caliber and quality of Garden Media, our services and our clients,” explains Susan McCoy, founder of Garden Media. “Our new identity reflects both sides of Garden Media’s brand persona, professional and fun, and is easily recognizable and contemporary,” explains McCoy.

The improved website is full of crisp imagery and user-friendly features that encourages people to click and browse the content, including the latest garden trends and industry news.

“The new design makes navigating through the website a breeze. In minutes you can see our clients’ media placements and learn what a good public relations campaign can do for you,” explains McCoy.

With the rise of information sharing, McCoy says today’s savvy consumers are looking for authenticity, value and interactive experiences when navigating the web.

“Our new look makes it easy to peek behind the PR curtain and understand how we help companies clearly and effectively communicate brand messages that result in media buzz and sharable customer experiences, ” McCoy explains.

The website includes Garden Media’s annual Garden Trends Report that gives a snapshot look into global mega trends and garden trends backed by industry specific research and worldwide retail information.

“Retailers and consumers look forward to reading our Garden Trends Report that shares influencers shaping buying and lifestyle habits in the years ahead,” says McCoy.

The new brand logo was created by graphic designer John Crocker of Portland, OR.  The enhanced website and blog were designed by James Hammond of Garden Media.

“We couldn’t be more pleased with the results,” says McCoy.

To learn more about upcoming garden trends, please download the 2013 report.

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