Thursday, October 11, 2012

Garden Writers Get A Sneak Peek of the Best, New Garden Products

October is finally here. The brisk air and shorter days give way not only to the fall season, but also, to the Garden Writers Association (GWA) Symposium and the introduction of new garden products and plants for 2013.

The GWA Symposium is the most highly anticipated event of the year for professional communicators in the lawn and garden industry. This year the 64th annual Symposium, held in Tucson, Arizona from October 12th -16th, will be attended by some 600 print and broadcast garden communicators and bloggers from around the world.

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New introductions at the Symposium include the groundbreaking BrazelBerries™ small ornamental fruit collection from Fall Creek® Farm and Nursery, the world’s leading blueberry nursery stock and genetics company. The new berry shrubs produce delectable blueberries and raspberries for home landscapes or in a container on the patio or balcony. The new edible ornamental berry shrubs include a one-of-a-kind thornless dwarf raspberry (Raspberry Shortcake ™); a compact blueberry award-winner (Peach Sorbet ™) offering four seasons of beauty; and a super dwarf, hardy blueberry puff ball (Jelly Bean ™).
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Hines Growers new Bloomtastic! flowering plants  are star performers that bring intense tropical color and beauty for any size garden. These easy-to-grow, low maintenance plants give continuous abundant blooms spring through fall and transform any home into a colorful, floral oasis. Plus, with so many choices, gardeners will find plants ideal for their entryway, patio, deck and landscape. Stop by booth #107 to learn more.

All natural pest repellent company RESCUE!® presents gardeners with an eco-friendly stinkbug trap and a brand-new 3-D fly tape designed with the fly’s compound eyes in mind. Say goodbye to these nasty pests once and for all by installing one of RESCUE!’s affordable, green traps in your home and garden. RESCUE! offers a line of effective and green traps to get rid of any unwanted insect, from yellow jackets to Japanese beetles. Stop by booth #411 to learn more.

Planting with natives and attracting wildlife are hot topics with the steady rise of the sustainable movement. This ground breaking program of tried and true American natives are selected for high performance. Each region offers an appropriate pallet of plants to help people create beautiful gardens and great wildlife habitats. American Beauties Native Plants® bring life to the garden! Stop by booth #607 to learn more.

To keep plants flourishing, Premier Tech Horticulture is introducing a new PRO-MIX® planting and potting mixes. Two new OMRI listed organic planting mixes allow gardeners to pick their favorite sustainable PRO-MIX® perfect for a specific garden task. Many of the growing mixes developed for the new line will also offer the benefits of MycoActive™  the natural plant stimulant MYCORRHIZAE™, which assists the plant’s root system and increases both nutrient and water uptake, for improved plant growth and resistance to stresses. Stop by booth #309 to learn more.

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