Wednesday, September 05, 2012

Herbs, glorious herbs!

I was preparing a salad tonight and wanted to add that fresh kick of flavor that only fresh herbs can fill.

Although we've suffered through an unseasonably hot and dry summer, the sweet basil 'Genovese' I planted is growing nicely and complemented the flavors of  thick cheese slices and homegrown tomatoes.
The sprigs were perfect.

Herbs are simply marvelous. From ancient times, herbs have been used for culinary, medicinal and aromatic purposes.

They add splashes of color and texture to any size garden and are easy to grow throughout the landscape, as borders, or potted up in containers on balconies.

Pot up lavender; it's a marvelous container plant with multiple uses. From potpourri and sachets the essential oils are used in candles to perfumes and extracts can be used medicinally. Plus, it's a wonderfully exotic culinary herb.

Or grow chamomile and use the flowers to make yourself a nice cup of soothing tea to de-stress after a long day at work.

Whatever herbs you choose, The Growers Exchange makes it easy to select herbs perfect for your lifestyle. Enjoy!
Garden Media Group
photo credits: Basil 'Genovese'; lavender and Common chamomile: The Growers Exchange

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