Tuesday, September 04, 2012


We talk farmers markets a lot on The Garden Plot.  Now, Cassandra Daily reports that farmers are seeking new ways to reach diverse consumer groups without having to set up shop weekly. Among the new technologies they’re implementing are digital marketplaces that marry the ease of online shopping with the feel-good factor of locavorism.  Here are just a few:

FarmersWeb eliminates the need for middlemen by connecting buyers directly with farmers. The wholesale management tool and online marketplace allows store owners, chefs and schools to find farms within 300 miles of their location, view available produce, and order items from multiple vendors at once.

Good Eggs: San Francisco-based start-up Good Eggs is an e-commerce site that aims to build human connections by linking consumers with nearby farms and artisanal food companies. Good Eggs eventually hopes to support tens of thousands of food vendors nationwide, and to better integrate technology within the locavore system

Read more on Cassandra Daily here. And, let me know what you think!

-Katie @KatieGMG

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