Friday, August 24, 2012

GMG's Friday Find: A Pond in a Box!

If you covet the serenity and beauty of your neighbor’s koi pond but don’t have the space or finances to install one, this idea from Lowe’s Creative Ideas may be the answer to your envy. And if you're a wizard with a circular saw, 4 easy steps can bring you the beauty of a deck-top water feature in little time.

Fill the garden compartment with potting mix and your choice of plants. You can add accessories like ornamental rocks or a floating gazing ball...and don't forget the little fish! For instructions on how to put together your Pond In A Box click here!

Garden Media Group


carports DIY said...

Wow! It is really cute. I really like it. Cool share indeed. Thanks!

Landscaping Services said...

Ingenious idea! Ideal even for small apartments that have limited space.

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