Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Cooling Off is Hot

Lately, California has been urging residents to turn down AC's units and turn off computers to save energy.

Um, say WHAT?

Thankfully, GOOD Magazine comes to the rescue with a few realistic tips to get people to reduce energy use. Here's a simple list of fun ways to cool off that we wish local government and energy companies would promote instead of their boring, hermetic approach.
  • Organize an office happy hour. The peak hours for air-conditioning use are four to six. Coincidentally, that overlaps with the peak hours that people around you want to drink. Maybe you can watch the Olympics while you're there. While there are probably rules that prohibit the government or power companies from encouraging people to go out drinking, that seems rather shortsighted. Maybe you don't drink, maybe you're tired: go to the coffee shop instead.
  • If you feel like being at home, invite your friends over. Organize a "cool off party." You might as well all use one air conditioning unit as opposed to everyone using her own. With friends over, you won't need to use your computer since you'll have real life humans to talk with.
  • Go to the movies. It's always freezing at the movies. Hate the movies? Run your errands instead. Other places where its typically cold include the grocery store, library, post office, hardware store, or pretty much anywhere else where things are sold.
  • Go to the beach (or public pool). Again this is basic, but during the heat wave, it's about 10 to 20 degrees cooler on the coast than inland.
Government should think realistically about the way people live. Fighting the heatwave doesn't have to be prohibitionary, and it's silly to envision the default setting for people's afternoon locations as esconced in their sweaty living rooms.

Get out there and enjoy the weather, people!  Winter will be here soon!
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