Wednesday, May 30, 2012

A visit to world-class gardens in our backyard

Last Friday, as the Memorial Day holiday approached, Stacey, Suzi and I toured two spectacular gardens along with members of our regional Garden Writers Association. Simply amazing.

First up, a tour of A.I. Du Pont's famous Nemours Mansion and Gardens, that included a fascinating glimpse into the private world of Albert I. Du Pont, the inventor, businessman, philanthropist and visionary.

We toured the grounds leading up to the "manse" that looked more like the palace Versailles than your typical LA celebrity "mega- mansion." Inside was a potpourri of collectibles, antiques and rooms meticulously decorated, a theatre and bowling alley, and even an ice cream making machine decades ahead of the times.

The gardens included a massive Reflecting Pool, Maze Gardens, a Colonnade, Sunken Gardens, a Rock Garden and so much more that words don't do it justice.

I took a few images of the magnificent statue adorning a fountain and garden vistas made for a king.
Note to self: MUST return-- soon!

Before noon, we headed for Longwood Gardens and enjoyed a scrumptious feast, listened to speakers and headed outdoors. There were three separate tours, we chose the gardens expertly unveiled.

I lingered over the students' gardens. Students come throughout the U.S. and the world to learn from the best. Here's a snippet of a few of their gardens I truly loved!

Can't wait to go back to both. Gardens are the world's unifiers; they soothe the soul and bring us joy.
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photos: Nemours Mansion and Gardens and Longwood Gardens

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Wonderful Look of Garden..
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