Tuesday, May 29, 2012

A Food (pickup)Truck

Food trucks have hit mainstream, popping up in cities of all sizes across America.  

But this "food truck" is different.  Truck Farm Chicago is a nonprofit organization that uses a 1994 Ford F-250 named Petunia to chauffeur a miniature, educational farm around town.

Petunia is "geared" (get it?) to educate Chicago youth and families about healthy eating. Your education includes a short tour of the farm, plant identification, taste tests, and sensory exploration. 

"I was excited about this project as a fun, unique and creative way to bring gardening and nutrition education to children all over the city—especially those who may not otherwise get to see how food grows up close,” co-founder Shari Brown says. 

"Making healthy choices can be challenging, especially when good fresh food and education about why it's important and how to cook it is not always accessible. Truck Farm is trying to do our part by using our exhibit to spark these discussions, give youth the tools to make healthy choices, and inspire them to use their own creativity to encourage healthy changes in their communities."

Read more about the project at GOOD or on the Truck Farm's website.  What a cool spin on an already cool idea.


plumbing said...

This project is really fun, unique and creative way of bringing garden and nutrition education to children all over the city. Thanks you will started this. Hope there's a lot more.

kmdubow said...

Thanks for the comment! I totally agree, it starts with the children!

Unknown said...

Great new concept for 'fast food'!

Unknown said...

Doesn't it seem insane that we need to do this. I wonder if children even realise where food comes from sometimes.

Rebecca Maurier said...

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kmdubow said...

Synthetic grass? I think I would need to see this to believe it.

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