Friday, April 06, 2012

GMG's Friday Find: Your Herbal Easter Basket!

Today we are talking about a slight change to the traditional plastic grass to fill your Easter bastkets...this time try gorgeous herbs that could pass for the real thing!

The Growers Exchange Herb Easter Basket!

This year you can start a new Easter tradition with your family, and grow your own herbal Easter baskets!
Environmentally conscious, educational and edible, this is a wonderful way to teach kids about gardening while giving them a foundation in sustainability.

These DIY Easter baskets are easy to make at home. The Growers Exchange tells us how:

1. Find a basket or pot. Look at a local thrift store or your garage or attic from last Easter.

2. Line the bottom of the basket with plastic that you have poked a few holes in for drainage. This will prevent the basket from leaking, while still giving the soil a place to drain water.
3. Fill the basket halfway full with soil. Make sure to choose a semi coarse potting soil that includes either organic materials or perlite, to allow the soil to drain adequately. Most herbs thrive in a soil that drains well, as excess moisture will encourage disease.

4. Choose your herbs! Herbs like catgrass, arugula, parsley and dill, all grow quickly and have lush green foliage that will mimic the traditional plastic Easter grass you may have grown up with. You can also try nasutriums or basilfor a new twist on the classic Easter grass look.

5. Decorate! Hide chocolate eggs or toys in the plants' foliage for Easter morning. And, when they're done finding the last foil-covered egg, make a salad with your arugula or let your pets enjoy the catgrass!

A very cute idea and a BONUS for you...NO cleaning up all those little pieces of plastic easter basket grass that inevitably ends up everywhere! (You're Welcome!)

Happy Easter!!!

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