Friday, March 30, 2012

GMG's Friday Find - Don't forget the Forsythia!

This week's Friday Find is on a more personal note. I was reading an article by Kevin Sharkey in Martha Stewart's Living Magazine (March issue) and realized I have exactly what Kevin wants...a long hedge of forsythia...except mine run the perimeter of my backyard and not along the driveway. A slight difference. 
After reading Kevin's story about how to use forsythia in decorating your indoors, I got up, went out back and took in the beauty of my forsythia. I would normally see the yellow flowers and mention it to my husband that they had bloomed but I never really went out back to experienced their beauty. This is definitely their time to shine! And do they shine! With the sun beaming down on them it is almost hard to look directly at them.
I just took these pictures...hopefully you will enjoy the view as much as I do...  
Absolutely gorgeous! Thanks Kevin for opening my eyes to even more ways to enjoy them! (Kevin's article has some great ideas and tips on how to bring the forsythia indoors and enjoy them even more!)

Do you have some amazing forsythia growing in your yard? If you do, you should read Kevin's article here...


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