Thursday, March 29, 2012

Trendspotting: Get in touch with inner gardening

Spring's here in all her glory. Along with tending your outdoor garden don't forget your "inner gardens" like your home and office.

Since most of us spend a huge part of our day indoors, adding houseplants to our environments is a proven way to reduce stress, lower blood pressure, combat sick building syndrome and make us feel better.

With so many wonderful choices of houseplants, it's never been easier to 'green up' your home and office for a happier, healthier you.

These natural oxygen machines clean indoor air from volatile organic compounds (VOC's) and carbon dioxide while bringing life to any room with beautiful color and texture. Plus, they give back oxygen and humidity as tireless green heroes, doing what comes naturally.

Whether you choose succulents, peace lilies or palms, remember to bring nature in and green up your indoor spaces with houseplants.

And here's a teaser:  Look for the new mini succulents from Costa Farms that come in 2.5" pots and are coming to a retailer near you in May.

These tiny treasures are small, stylish and great for your home, office
(or as a  hostess gift!)

To learn more about the bountiful benefits of indoor houseplants and how to decorate with them check out

~Lynne Garden Media Group
photos courtesy of Costa Farms

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