Friday, January 13, 2012

GMG's Friday Find!

I came across a very cool product for the very FIRST GMG Friday Find!
Edible Flowers Garden Bon Bons (I love the Bon Bons part!) by
These garden truffles are for planting - not for eating!

From the Moulton website...Seed balls are a centuries-old planting technique. The compost provides nutrients to the seeds and the clay holds it together and protects against insects. Find a sunny spot, toss into the garden or indoor container, add water and watch them grow!
Not to mention they come beautifully packaged. This Edible Flowers selection pictured above contains anise hyssop, calendula, nasturtiums and violas.

Garden Bon Bon descriptions:

Round Red Clay Truffle - Viola 'Helen Mount'/Viola tricolor. Heirloom purple, yellow and white blossoms. For garnishes, candying and salads. 5"-7" tall.
Red Clay Truffle rolled in cinnamon - Calendula/Calendula officinalis. Bright orange heirloom flowers. Teas, salads and soups. Peppery. 12"24"tall.
Red Clay Brownie Square - Anise Hyssop/Agastache foeniculum. Licorice-mint flavor. Blue flowers and leaves for teas, salads and garnishes. 24"-36" Tall.
White Clay Truffle - Nasturtium/Tropaeolum majus. Peppery red, orange and yellow flowers for salads, soups and garnish. 14"16" tall.

A great gift for your favorite gardener...Valentine's Day is coming up...But don't forget the REAL chocolate too! (And please don't get them confused!)


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Cheese said...

what a fun idea! flowers in winter...i smell a new trend for valentines day candy!