Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Lights! Camera! Action!

Although the weather was a bit iffy, the cameras rolled as Kathleen Hassinger, a master gardener, was filmed making 11 How-To videos for the new RESCUE! Stink Big Traps. For the past three days the crew shot video and took great images demonstrating how to put the traps together and where you should place them to catch the beasties.

"One flew right at me while we were shooting outdoors at the home of Steve (Castorani)," said Kathleen. Steve is the co-founder of American Beauties and owner of North Creek Nursery in Delaware. "Stink bugs are airborne and looking to come indoors," she said. "Now there's a trap that really works outdoors and indoors to stop them cold and we experienced that first-hand," said Kathleen.

Folks from Sterling International were also on hand to lend them their stink bug expertise.

We'll be sure to share the videos which will be helpful for everyone battling the bugs. Stay tuned.



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