Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Ahhh the Memories!

The Independent Garden Center show left me with some wonderful memories.

  1. It is great to catch up with friends. IGC is a lot like a family reunion. It was great to see so many friends, and connect in-person with new contacts and bloggers.

  2. Having a huge, spinning banner for your booth makes it easy for the media to find a booth - and you when you get turned around! The Rescue Booth became a landmark -- not a bad thing at a big trade show!

  3. Jamie Durie was so nice! He took pictures, listened when I chatted about landscape design, and the next APLD conference in San Francisco 2012!
    He even took the time to write the website down on my card for future reference. Do I sound star stuck? I guess I am, but he was really very nice. And a huge hit with the crowd. It doen't hurt that he is very cute. Ok enough on him...

  4. Great products abound. From Fairy Gardens to native plants and pottery. There was lots of garden eye candy to go around!

The booth displaying Fairy Gardens was packed at all times. What do you think - are Fairy Gardens a trend?

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