Thursday, September 01, 2011

Add Google+ to your To-Do List

It's time folks, to turn away from Facebook and check out Google+.

Why you ask? Simply because it mirrors your real life. You have groups of friends, and you talk to those groups about different topics. I don't talk to my close friends, gardening buddies, neighbors, fantasy football pals and college chums about the same topics.

One of the basic rules of public relations is know your audience. Google+ helps you do this because you place your friends in "circles" and can post updates and pictures to just the groups that care about those topics. Here is a quick video that over 3 million people have already watched - which explains Google+.

Quick Tip: Friends who are not on Google+ can receive an email with your post. This little feature saves me from sending separate emails to my parents and stubborn friends who do not have Google+ accounts. I love this feature!

Yes, yes, yes I know Facebook has a list and group feature. But I recently tried to put all of my 553 friends into lists - and it was a pain. With Google+, when you add a friend, you drag and drop them in a circle or multiple circles. It is easy.

The video I linked above is a great little overview. But I have also discovered a great resource to get you started! Dennis Freitas is the host of "Google+ Today" a podcast on all things Google+. Stream it while you are paying bills or making dinner - he has a great way of explaining how it works and pointing out cool tips and tricks.

I really want to know your thoughts, so leave me a comment below. Am I totally wrong about Google+? Will you never leave FB? Already tired of all this social media and ready to go to smoke signals? Lay it on me! Kathleen at GMG

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Unknown said...

I will check it out, for sure. The latest interface that FB chose to switch to has left me feeling like it isolated everybody. To find anyone - you have to type in their name and go directly to their page. I appreciated the interaction on the newsfeed that we could depend on in the beginning. Now it's like walking a hallway of doors on both sides - quiet - sterile - boring. Thanks for sharing!