Wednesday, August 24, 2011

New Urbanism is catching on!

There's a movement afoot. It's about thriving together in mixed-use walkable communities
that makes sense.

"New urbanism" as its been penned, connects housing with work places, shops and entertainment, parks and schools and civic facilities within easy to navigate distances.

From trains and light rails to bicycle and foot power, people are really getting into turning back to the future with a twist of cool.

Central to New Urbanism is commitment to the environment and connecting neighborhoods with walkable streets, diversity of shops, and homes, apartments and buildings that use less turf and more plants that encourages better stewardship of our earth.

We first started tracking this trend a few years back and highlighted it in our GMG 2011 Trends Report (click on the Trends button.)

From rest-stop parklets popping up throughout cities and towns to planting water wise plants and collecting rainwater, New Urbanism is one trend that's coming on strong.

Check out more on New Urbanism and let us know if it's taking shape where you live!

~Lynne, GMG
photo credit: Pavement to Parks, Columbus Parklet

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Monarch at Ridge Hill said...

We are glad to hear that New Urbanism is growing in popularity across the country. We believe that NU is the future of sustainable communities. Thanks for highlighting this hopefully long-lasting trend in development.