Friday, April 15, 2011

Mighty Mato and Pink Blueberry in WSJ!!!

Bart Ziegler writes about the new introductions in the plant world in his latest Wall Street Journal online article....and we are thrilled that Mighty Mato and Pink Blueberry made his list!

"Every year the plant industry, much like the car business, introduces new models. And it uses many of the same come-ons: Never-before-seen features! Dazzling new colors! More durable designs!

"As with cars, much of this is marketing hoo-hah—most of these "new" plants are really just minor variations on the old, the horticultural equivalent of new headlight shapes on the same car body. But each spring brings a few tree, shrub or flower rollouts that are worth considering. On rare occasions they represent something dramatically different."

Read the rest here....2011 Rollouts Hit the Garden

-Karen GMG


flowers online said...

I've always enjoyed flowers, and I think flowers are really a joy of life.

Unknown said...

Just love seeing our clients in The Wall Street Journal