Thursday, April 14, 2011

It Started with a Window Box

I couldn't resist. I saw the flowers at the garden center, and I snapped them up like a fiend. My window box is one of the first things I work on in the spring. It doesn't take long and can be changed out as the plants mature - and it just makes you happy to see it!

My next project, well really my husband's next project, may be a pergola. Landscape Designer Susan Cohan discusses designing with pergolas and outbuildings in her blog post. I read her blog not just because she is a gal pal with great ideas, but as a member of The Association of Professional Landscape Designers she has a knowledge base that runs deep. She also lives in NJ (my husband likes to joke that I glow in the dark) -- so we connect on that level too.

Window boxes are always a hit. But are pergolas a hot trend? Do you like my sassy plaid garden boots? Clearly they need a blog post. Leave me your thoughts below as a comment - and we can debate! :) Kathleen at GMG.


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