Tuesday, January 25, 2011

No Fear Orchids

Did you know that Phalaenopsis orchids, also referred to as moth orchids, are the most popular orchid for growing inside the home? These little beauties usually bloom in late winter and into the spring, when are homes could really use some color.

According to Justin Hancock editor of Better Homes & Garden online (BHG.com), Phalaenopsis are the perfect choice for beginners. “Besides being the most well-known, they are the easiest to grow rewarding you with months of showy blooms with little to no effort.”

What's so great about these orchids is that they can survive in low light situations as well as moderate light. Direct sunlight is a definite no-no when it comes to these plants. Plus, they're budget friendly and come in wide array of colors making them the perfect decorative choice for any home.

Still not sure about growing orchids? Then check out this great how-to video from the experts at Costa Farms. I think you'll change your mind!

For more tips on growing orchids, visit Orchids Are Easy.com.



janeofwisconsin said...

Good post, very informative. I would like to try an orchid, but the price and the possible difficulty of keeping it alive nipped the idea.

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Garden style are always very important to choose as they should be unique and should have a some good specifications as they hold your impression and also determine the security of plants.

Pond Liners said...

Really it is true watching butterflies amongst the flowers along with other birds enjoying the pleasure of the garden is really a very beautiful sight to watch. This enhances the beauty of the garden. Those pictures are cute.

Garden Media Group said...

@janeofwisonsin Thanks for the kind words! Check out Lowe's or Home Depot for orchids under $20.