Monday, January 24, 2011

See Y'all in Louisville at The New ANLA Clinic

One of my favorite trade events is coming up this week: the ANLA Management Clinic Jan. 26-29 in Louisville. Billed as The New Clinic with interactive workshops and learning labs. Think more discussions, fewer PowerPoint slides with the lights down low. It's all about creating the right solutions for a garden center or nursery. It's focused on the L&G industry, not just any business.

The New Clinic has lightening SPEEDrounds, interactive QUICKbites discussions, and yes, even a few traditional presentations -- and, of course, great hospitality suites.

And I'm one of the "faculty" specialists drilling down on such topics as "practically radical", minding your brand and, of course my favorite, garden trends.

Corey Bordine, Bordine's, thinks the New Clinic fits today's needs perfectly. “The economy has changed, our industry’s needs have changed, and sitting through hours of lectures while being talked at is just not going to help us as green industry businesses remain innovative and competitive.”

For a full schedule of events and to register for ANLA, click here.

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