Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Celebrating National Recycling Week- Aussie Style!

G' Day! All this week (Nov 8th-14th) our "down-under" friends are celebrating National Recycling Week. The brainchild of Planet Ark first surfaced in November, 1996 and now, in its 15th year, is still focused to raise awareness of ..."how recycling helps to reduce our impact on the environment," and encourage individuals and businesses to increase recycling - and do it better.

Reduce, reuse and recycle are well-known calls to action, but many of us neglect the "reuse" & "re-purpose" aspect because, um, we don't know what to do with that once beloved frock or the ceramic container that's no longer "speaking" to you.

Halt! Rather than popping open the trash can and sneaking (cloaked by the cover of dark) to dispose of the not-to-be-used again "stuff"- here's a nifty video that's cool and has a great suggestion: swaps. Enjoy.

~ Lynne


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Updcycling Down Under!