Thursday, November 11, 2010

Hard to Kill: Houseplants for the Inept

A month after moving into his new home, New York Times reporter Michael Tortorello phoned three experts to ask what new houseplants he should adopt as his own and wrote about it in yesterday's New York Times .

He spoke with our own Mike Rimland, director of business at Costa Farms; Uli Lorimer, the curator of native plants at the Brooklyn Botanic Garden; and Mark Hoover, who blogs about houseplants on Plants Are the Strangest People.

Check out the complete story and slide show to see their suggestions, best tips and their favorite catalogs. And a list of their "greatest hits are below — with a star next to the indestructible plants."

Mike picked the ★ SAGO PALM (CYCAS REVOLUTA) pictured here. “You could drive a truck over it, and you couldn’t kill it,” Mr. Rimland said. Do we hear a challenge?



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