Tuesday, November 09, 2010

LOHAS Tibit Tuesday

According to Lifestyle of Health and Sustainability - a market segment responsible for $290 billion in consumer sales, consumer "attitudes are down, but behavior is up"!

According to LOHAS "sustainability attitudes have declined slightly since first measured in 2002. Contrary to the fact that attitudes usually precede behaviors, numerous sustainability behaviors are climbing — in some cases rapidly.

The trends seems to be toward a steady uptick towards brands whose values agree with the consumers' own values.

The ease in being green these days brings consumers into the green marketplace and lifestyle, even though they may not be avid environmentalists. Attitudes on the decline include overall caring about the environment, sustainable agriculture, renewable power, and socially responsible business.

In the end, it's the behavior that really matters. So, while the softening attitudes are important to recognize and understand, they are outweighed . . .
. . . by the much stronger trend to do the right thing.


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