Monday, October 25, 2010

From Luxury to Steampunk: Indoor Plants Are Trending Again in '11

From “steampunk” Victorian hipster decor rocking among young urbanites to upscale suburban homes, decorating with houseplants like orchids, ferns and palms is another hot trend for 2011.

Steampunk blends Victorian textures and accessories with high-tech architectural features. To bring it home, we like mixing Victorian plant preferences like ferns and orchids with neutrals or shiny metallics containers from Campania International.

Chic and easy to grow, orchids add a lavish touch to any room. Plus these hard-working beauties clean indoor air from volatile organic compounds and provide oxygen. For tips on growing orchids, visit Orchids Are Easy.

Phalaenopsis (moth) orchids as well as other varieties are perfect choices for affordable, colorful plants that look as comfortable in 21st century homes as they did in Victorian days. To learn more about the health benefits of indoor houseplants check out

For more 2011 Garden Trends, visit Garden Media Group

Enjoy your indoor plants!


Missy Flowers said...

I love orchids! They are so pretty. Thanks for the link to the Orchids Are Easy website. I'm going to check it out now.

Ron Mylar said...

Steam punk blends Victorian textures and accessories with high-tech architectural features. The Garden Plot is about all things Gardening.

Nhà Bếp Hoàng Gia said...

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