Thursday, October 21, 2010

James Doyle Design Associates = Landscape Designer of the Year

I had the pleasure of meeting the James Doyle Design Associates team in Dallas, and I recently touched base with William Healy, APLD, chairman of the APLD Awards Committee about the winning entry-- Harmony Farm. "The timeless design style associated with Russell Page - bold structure, strong clean lines, masterful plant selection, and proper restraint boldy shows thourough in the works of James Doyle Design Associates. Their body of work also confirms that they express equal reverence for modern as well as classical design," said Healy.

I so wish I could share with you the before and after pictures of the landscape. You really don't understand how much of a transformation this garden is! Editor and reporter friends who read GMG's blog ~ perhaps you can inspire JDDA to share the before pictures with you! Send me a message and we can chat! :) Kathleen


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jamesanderson said...

Congratulations to James Doyle Design Associates for earning the well-deserved title of Landscape Designer of the Year! The description of their work, blending timeless styles, is captivating. Cheers to transformative landscapes!
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