Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Edibles Are Still Hot for 2011

Go ahead and mix it up! Berries next to tomatoes and azaleas under grapevines may sound odd but are a growing trend according to the professional landscape designers of APLD.

Fresh berries like raspberries and blueberries you can pick right from home are spiking in popularity. Blueberries offer four seasons of color and juicy berries rich in antioxidants.

Try the first-ever pink blueberry “Pink Lemonade” (pictured here) from Briggs Nursery. This pink blueberry bush provides delicious fruit rich in anti-oxidants plus four seasons of color -- white flowers in spring, bright pink fruit in summer, great fall color and finally dusky auburn stems in winter

And according to a recent survey by the Garden Writers Association, about 16 percent more American households planned to add a veggie garden and an additional 12 percent planned on adding an herb garden. Why? More than three-fourths of respondents felt veggies are less expensive with better taste, quality and nutrition.

So go ahead and plant more berries and veggies for a tasty and healthy spring! To see a complete list of 2011 Gardening Trends, visit GMG.



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