Thursday, April 22, 2010

The Early Birds on CBS Early Show

This today from Tim Kane

American Beauties gets national exposure!!

That's right, our little native plant program hit the big time this morning on the CBS Early Show with an Earth Day segment that featured beautiful American Beauties plants shown in their full glory. Not only were the plants seen but the containers and tags were prominently shown and talked about by the host of the segment, William Moss.

The segment was about ways the gardener can give back to the environment and American Beauties plants were prominently shown and explained by the host William Moss as plants that support butterflies and hummingbirds by providing the food and shelter needed to keep them in the home landscape. The NWF certification plaque was also shown behind the plants. All in all, a great 60 seconds worth of exposure that was priceless!!

Thanks to everyone that helped us get this together with the usual short notice...Karen at Garden Media Group, Carrie at North Creek for getting the still images of hummingbirds and butterflies used in the segment, all the people at Prides Corner who dressed the plants and got them to the studio on time and all those American Beauties growers and partners out there that have helped grow the program to this point.
Tim Kane
Prides Corner Farms

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